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Financial Options

It is with continued efforts that we strive to maintain the highest quality care and personal service. By providing a variety of financial arrangements, it is our intention to be flexible and to help keep costs down.

As a courtesy to you, we will continue to fill out and submit the necessary forms to your insurance company. We will also make every effort to estimate in advance what your portion of the cost will be. Ultimately, you the patient, are responsible for your insurance coverage and for the service provided.

The following Financial Services Options are currently available to our patients:

Talk to us about your financial needs

Talk to us about your financial needs

1. For patients who pay their portion in full at the time of treatment, we encourage this and offer a 10% cash discount.

2. We accept Mastercard / Visa / Discover from our patients and offer a 5% discount for payments made in full at the time of treatment.

3. For patients wishing to spread their portion of the cost over several months, individualized financial arrangements can be made to carry an account up to 60 days with no finance charges. After this time a 1.5% / month interest charge may be assessed. We reserve the right to run a TRW credit report as necessary.

4. For Senior Citizen patients, we offer a 15% discount on all treatment provided.

5. In cases where long term or extensive treatment is indicated and when patients wish to extend their payments beyond 60 days, we can help you arrange small short term personal loans and appropriate lines of credit.

Talk to us about your needs – we care!